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Graduation Requirements

What do you need to complete your high school diploma?

Here is a guideline to follow if you are interested in completing your diploma:

  • Come see us in person. It doesn't matter when you last completed a high school course. We can access your marks. We will work with you to achieve the prerequisites needed. Rules have changed - so will some of the courses you need.
  • If you are a mature student (over the age of 19 and have been out of school for 10 consecutive months), you could qualify for a high school equivalency diploma. Call us to see what we can do to help you!
  • Have a specific goal in mind with specific timelines. For example "I would like to complete my English 30-2 by January and enter a post-secondary institution in September." We're here to help you reach your goal.
  • To participate in Graduation Ceremonies at St. Gabriel Learning Centre all students must achieve the following:

1) Earn a minimum of 105 credits

2) Complete and meet the following credit expectations:

  • 9 credits in Religious Education (RE15, 25, 35 or Religions of the World 30)
  • English Language Arts at the 30 level
  • Social Studies at the 30 level
  • Mathematics at the 20 level
  • One Science at the 20 level
  • Physical Education 10 (minimum 3 credits)
  • Career and Life Management (CALM) 3 credits
  • 10 credits from career and technology studies (CTS) or fine arts or second languages or physical education (in addition to PE10) or locally developed/acquired and authorized courses in CTS, fine arts or second languages
  • 10 credits in any 30 level courses (including locally developed) in addition to English Language Arts 30-1 or 30-2 and Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2

Some helpful information: 

  • The science requirement—Science 24, Biology 20, Chemistry 20 or Physics 20—may also be met with the 10-credit combination of Science 14 and Science 10.
  • Students may earn any number of credits in the study of second languages, but only a maximum of 25 language credits may be used to meet the 100-credit requirement for the Alberta High School Diploma.
  • 30-level English Language Arts, 30-level Français or 30-level Social Studies courses from a different course sequence may not be used to meet the 30-level course requirement. Students may earn any number of credits in Work Experience, but only 15 credits may be used to meet the 100-credit requirement for the Alberta High School Diploma.


  • For 30-level courses that have a diploma examination, the final course mark consists of a blend of the school-awarded mark and the diploma examination mark.
  • Mature students should consult the Mature Students section for applicable requirements.