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St. John Paul II Catholic Outreach welcomes all high school students. We offer all core courses, and Career and Technology Studies (CTS) courses through a flexible, friendly and informal learning environment.

Our school provides the opportunity for students to progress through their high school courses independent of the structure and program constraints of a traditional school. Our staff has the ability to customize programs to meet the needs of the learner, as well as offering flexible modes of delivery. 

We have been approved as an Alberta Works Learner Benefit education site. For information regarding this program, please contact a Career Consultant at Alberta Works for more information. 

What We Offer:

    • Teachers available during school hours
    • Personalized learning plan


St. John Paul II Catholic Outreach School is an active Catholic learning community dedicated to serving students who prefer a non-traditional school setting. The school has several work areas where students are welcome to come in and do their work. Students can also pick up work and take it with them and once finished, they drop it off at their convenience. There is no daily attendance requirement at the school although weekly contact is expected.

The St. John Paul II Catholic Outreach School team, through consultation with each student and parent provides to those students in Grade 10 or higher who desire a flexible alternative educational environment.

St. John Paul II Catholic Outreach School provides students with a nurturing educational environment that supports not only academic development but emotional, social and intellectual growth.